HRT Made Simple™

Learn how to confidently speak to your doctor about the benefits of hormone replacement therapy so you can set yourself up for symptom-free, unmedicated years to come without feeling confused, dismissed, or leaving the medical office minus your HRT script. 

Ready to reject the notion that losing your strength, wits, and waistline is “just a part of getting older”? 

Want to empower yourself and become your best health advocate so you can revive your lost libido to reignite the flame with your partner, banish the emotional mood swings so you can find joy and peace in life again, and reduce your future risk of serious disease states like cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and dementia? 

Then you’re in the right place!

You’re also in the right place if you’re a health practitioner who wants to learn more about the benefits of hormone replacement therapy and how to talk to your clients about it in an informed way.   

If you value health as a midlife woman, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) must be part of your health strategy at some point. And it’s best employed sooner rather than later.

Midlife doesn’t mean you have to… 

  • Throw away all your clothes and re-purchase everything in a size (or two!) bigger.

  • Spend thousands on marriage counselling because all of a sudden you’re doubting your life choices (hormones can make us think crazy things!)

  • Say goodbye to luscious locks and glowing skin. 

  • Give up on ever having a healthy libido again (not to mention the desert that’s taken up residence in your vagina!) 

  • Suffer with anxiety, ruminating thoughts, insomnia or depression that seems to have come out of nowhere stealing your joy, motivation and zest for life. 

  • Say goodbye to muscle mass and strength that seems to have vanished along with your 30s.

  • Fear future diseases that are all too common amongst your friends and family members, assuming this is your inevitable fate too (it’s not!)

But midlife does mean taking your low hormones - that contribute to all these symptoms - seriously and learning how and when to replace them safely and effectively.  

Facts about HRT

"Women using hormone replacement therapy were overall 30 percent less likely to die than those not on hormone therapy."

American College of Cardiology 

"Women who used HRT saw a 23% reduction in breast cancer risk as well as a 33% decreased risk of hip fracture, a 37% decreased risk of colon cancer, and significant reduction in menopausal symptoms. And - if participants got breast cancer they had a reduced mortality rate of 40%."

Women’s Health Initiative 

"Those with the BRCA gene who take HRT have less risk of developing breast cancer and less risk of dying from breast cancer." 

The Cancer Journal

So much of what you’ve been told about hormone replacement therapy has been wrong!

You’ve been misled about HRT (no, it’s not dangerous!) and it’s time to spread the TRUTH about the health and longevity benefits of natural hormone replacement therapy.

Have you heard that HRT can increase your risk of breast cancer?

A lot of women have but this is completely untrue!

For years you’ve been told that HRT causes breast cancer but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Not only does HRT not cause breast cancer, it actually protects against breast cancer and other disease states. 

Or maybe your doc has told you to take The Pill or use the Mirena until menopause and then stop, just to get you through the perimenopause transition. But taking these types of synthetic hormones can be dangerous and completely discounts all the invisible benefits of our natural God-given hormones during perimenopause and beyond!  

Or you may be fearful of hormones because you reacted poorly to The Birth Control Pill, but those aren’t real hormones! They are synthetic medications that can have side effects in the body so you cannot compare them to natural hormone replacement therapy.  

Or perhaps you’ve tried HRT but decided it “didn’t work for you” so you’ve given up (probably before you even really got started correctly). You see, our natural hormones don’t just “not work”. There are reasons why your first attempt failed. But you shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. What you need is a proper action plan to introduce HRT effectively.  

 I know HRT can be confusing and overwhelming.

There’s so much conflicting information out there.

Who are you to trust?

Imagine if you had all the HRT basics laid out for you in an easy to understand way so you felt completely confident walking into your doctor’s office and advocating for what you know your body needs in order to feel better and stay healthy long-term.

I’m here to bust through misconceptions and mistruths about HRT so you can get clear on how HRT can kick your symptoms and support your longevity.

What are the benefits of using HRT?

Cardiovascular Health

Heart disease is the #1 killer of women in the western world, yet breast cancer is far more feared (but has a MUCH higher survival rate). HRT protects against CVD.

Bone Health

You are not destined to get osteoporosis as you age but in order to prevent bone disease you need optimal levels of hormones onboard.

Brain Health

We have many studies proving the brain-protective benefits of HRT. You do not have to fear dementia!

Sleep Benefits

Progesterone helps us get to sleep and estrogen helps us stay asleep. Hormones are life-changing for sleep, and are a midlife woman’s BFF.

Mood Benefits

Feeling like a hot mess, snapping at your family, having little patience left or ruminating in anxiety each night is no way to live - and you don’t have to when you get your HRT dialled in, correctly.

Cancer Prevention

Not only do natural hormones NOT cause cancer but they can actually help prevent cancer.


HRT Made Simple™

HRT Made Simple™ is an easy-to-understand training program designed for women and practitioners looking to empower themselves with up-to-date information about hormone replacement therapy so they can feel confident discussing HRT and how to implement it into a health strategy that drives results now and into the future.

It's perfect for women who have NO prior knowledge of HRT and who are not health practitioners, as well as health coaches, FDN-Ps, nutritionists, dieticians, naturopaths, nurse practitioners, and other health professionals looking to increase their knowledge about HRT.

What we cover inside HRT Made Simple™

The Benefits of HRT 

The Women’s Health Initiative: how it harmed HRT 

Does Estrogen Cause Cancer? 

Synthetic vs. Bio-identical HRT 

Hormone Receptor Health Matters

How To Talk To Your Doc About HRT 

Is There An Order To Start Hormones Or Take Them All Together 

Does HRT Cause Weight Gain 

Testing Hormones In Perimenopause 

Different Types of Hormone Testing 

Blood Hormone Testing

Saliva Hormone Testing 

24-Hour Hormone Testing

The Benefits of Progesterone & Progesterone Replacement 

Dosing Progesterone

Timing & Application Progesterone Usage

Progestins Vs. Progesterone

Forms of Progesterone

The Benefits of Estrogen & Estrogen Replacement 

Can You Start on Estrogen HRT 10 Years Post Menopause 

Dosing Estrogen

Timing & Application of Estrogen Usage

Forms of Estrogen

Breast Tenderness When Starting E HRT 

Estrogen and Genitourinary Health  

The Benefits of Testosterone & Testosterone Replacement 

Dosing Testosterone

Timing & Application Testosterone Usage

Forms of Testosterone

How To Find a Knowledgeable HRT Provider 

List of Commonly Asked FAQs When Starting HRT 

Content Library

Book recommendations

Other Educational Resources

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Membership & Course Recommendations

Vaginal Health Products

Hormone Imbalance Checklist

24-Hour Urine Testing Labs

Supplement Recommendations

List of Knowledgeable HRT Doctors in the UK, Australia, Canada and America

Hi, I’m Tara, HRT Made Simple™ Course Creator, Holistic Nutritionist, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Certified Functional Nutrition Coach, and founder of The Hormone Balance Solution™ program and podcast.

I created HRT Made Simple™ in order to cut through the BS out there about HRT and educate about the scientifically-backed research that proves HRT - when done right - is safe, effective, and reduces disease risk.

And as a perimenopausal woman, hormone replacement therapy has become my jam. I’m SO excited to share my HRT knowledge with you in order to kick misinformation to the curb and spread awareness of the life-changing - sometimes life-saving - benefits of hormones when we replace them. I have almost a decade of clinical experience helping women around the world optimise their health so they can live life to the fullest not hindered by nagging symptoms or fears about their health in the decades to come.

How can you trust the information inside HRT Made Simple™ is accurate?

Everything you learn inside HRT Made Simple™ is backed by science. Many scientific references are cited in the course but if you don’t know how to read a scientific paper that’s OK! We don’t get into the scientific mumbo jumbo, however, it’s important that you understand HRT Made Simple™ is backed by valid, up-to-date science. 

Inside HRT Made Simple™ you also get a comprehensive list of all the studies referenced in the course. This is available for you to give to your doctor if they are still operating from a place of misinformation about HRT and need to update their HRT knowledge. 

Regrettably, many healthcare professionals remain misinformed about the true benefits of HRT. When you’re armed with this arsenal of research, you can gracefully and firmly guide your doctor toward a more informed perspective. Giving them the research from HRT Made Simple™ is an opportunity to ensure they make decisions based on the latest, most reliable evidence before passing judgement or withholding essential health options from you based on old data. 

Moreover, the knowledge contained within HRT Made Simple™ is not just a product of random sources; it’s also born out of learnings from other esteemed experts in the field of HRT who are all referenced throughout the course. 

HRT Made Simple™ is THE course that tells you everything you need to know and nothing you don’t so you can feel EMPOWERED and confident when it comes to making decisions about your HRT strategy. The main focus of HRT Made Simple™ is to spread important information that will help more women thrive instead of just survive in midlife and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is HRT Made Simple™ created for?

HRT Made Simple™ is created for women who want to empower themselves with up-to-date information about hormone replacement therapy so they can feel confident discussing it with their doctor and advocating for themselves. The course is also designed for practitioners who want to learn the basics of HRT so they can educate their clients on this important health-promoting strategy. Health practitioners who would benefit from the course include; health coaches, FDN-Ps, nutritionists, dieticians, naturopaths, nurse practitioners, and other health professionals looking to increase their HRT knowledge.

Are there any prerequisites for taking the HRT Made Simple™ course?

Not at all! Anyone can join HRT Made Simple™. 

Can I still access the course materials after completing HRT Made Simple™?

Absolutely. You have full access to the course materials indefinitely. Updates will be made to the course on a yearly basis and these will be available for a nominal fee to those who have purchased HRT Made Simple™ in the past.

Are there any ongoing support options available during or after completing the course?

Whilst there is no support group attached to HRT Made Simple™ (in order to keep the cost low) you do have the option of adding on a one-on-one consultation with Tara’s team practitioner, Michelle. Michelle is a menopause coach who knows HRT extremely well. If you’d like to upgrade to get a one-on-one with Michelle please make sure you do this upon checkout. Tara also provides ample resources should you wish to continue your HRT education including books to read, esteemed mentors in the field you can follow, memberships you may wish to join and more. 

What is your refund policy?

No refunds will be offered once you purchase the course.  

How long does HRT Made Simple™ go for?

The course is a total of 2 hours in length. 

Want to join HRT Made Simple™?

Empower yourself and become your best health advocate