Make midlife the best you look and feel in years!

Imagine going from irritable, bloated, uncomfortable, and lacking in self-esteem, to hitting the reset button on your health so you can reconnect with loved ones because you’re no longer in pain or suffering from symptoms.

So you can feel in control because you’re no longer losing your cool with your kids or partner due to hormones holding you at ransom. To finally having a plan you feel confident in, to get you fitting into the clothes collecting dust in the closet and to get you back on your game, perhaps after a summer or winter that had you overindulging a bit! (We’ve all been there). 

Transformation is

yours for the taking 

All you have to do is say yes to it  

There are reasons why you feel the way you do. And this isn’t something you should just be able to “figure out on your own” so please, give yourself a break! Navigating your health issues on your own is a complex and lonely journey.

Health is multifaceted, especially when it comes to intricate matters like hormones.

Without a deep understanding of physiology and working in clinical practice, figuring out your hormonal health by yourself is impossible.

You are NOT broken!

This is what myself and my team practitioner Michelle have helped literally hundreds of women with, and those women are no more special or unique than you are.

My point? If they can do it, you can too!

There are natural, safe, and effective solutions for how you’re feeling


The Hormone Balance Solution Quick Start

These packages aim to get you feeling confident again, improving your self esteem, helping to renew your connection with your partner, improve your relationships with your kids and your performance at work, get you back out to social gatherings and traveling again.

Because you’re no longer fearing your symptoms and all the moodiness and discomfort that comes along with them.

Meet Your Team

Hi, I’m Tara.

Holistic Nutritionist, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, and Certified Functional Nutrition Coach.

I’ve had my share of hormonal issues: severe acne when I was a teenager, PMS, a bout of insomnia, and horrendous anxiety. But the “solutions” I was offered by doctors were Band-Aid medications (with side effects!). And, because I never got to the root cause of these symptoms, more hormonal struggles came later on in my 30s, including postpartum anxiety and thyroiditis.

Finally, after years of struggling and then years of learning everything I possibly could about women’s hormones and functional medicine now, being in the thick of my perimenopausal years, I can say I feel better in my 40s than I did in my 20s! Learning what I’ve learned was a game-changer for my health, my moods, and my relationships, and I’m now blessed with an incredible amount of knowledge that I bring to my clients so they don’t have to struggle like I did or try to figure things out on their own.

Hello, I'm Michelle Robinson.

Functional Medical Practitioner

Michelle is a Functional Medicine Practitioner certified in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and Breath work and a Mindset coach. Michelle was diagnosed with premature ovarian insufficiency (POI) in her mid-30s, which sent her into early menopause at 36.

Michelle has over 12 years of experience supporting clients to get to the underlying causes of their symptoms and health issues, and supports women with physical, mental and emotional imbalances so they can combat hormonal burnout, reduce debilitating symptoms, rebuild resilience, and regain their energy. Michelle brings incredible knowledge to The HBS group and we're so lucky to have her as part of the team!

How can you be sure this will work for you?

We have Proof!

This is how we can be so confident that it will work for you too. If you show up and put in the effort you WILL see results.

Just like our previous clients saw amazing results ⬇


I have a quick update for you! I'm doing really well. This is by far the best I have felt in years. Energy is up a lot, I can  feel my brain fog lifting, my mood is so much better (this is big for me). I am also having a daily BM – sometimes more than one! My most recent cycle was the easiest I have had in years. It was shorter, less painful and I didn't fall into a dark depression. Less breast tenderness and very little swelling (normally I swell a lot). I had a very stressful week last week and handled it better than I normally would. I'm very excited about the positive changes!

Cristin G.

I already feel tremendously better. Before, I felt desperate – out of control at the beginning. I have energy now to get through the day, which is unbelievable – a huge improvement! I feel like a new person, and I feel like I'm just scratching the surface. I can’t thank you enough.


My anxiety is almost gone. I can speak in public again. My fatigue is substantially better. My patience with my children and husband is unbelievably better. My hair is barely coming in gray anymore and I have all new hair growth. I can swallow pills again without gagging. No more panic attacks. I feel like my thyroid has improved. My perimenopause symptoms have improved. My husband tells people how I am back to my old self. I feel like I am better than my old self. You all have been a blessing. Thank you!!

Carly M

Since working with Tara and her team I feel like a completely different person. In our last consult I forgot what my initial reasons for working with her were! I forgot I use to get migraines, clotting, and pelvic pains. I even forgot that my stress levels were high!  I am a huge believer in the HTMA and GI maps tests. It is unbelievable to see on paper things move in the right direction along with symptoms improving along the way. My copper levels were through the roof along with other heavy metals that I am still working to detox but they have come down so much. I believe this was a huge driving force to my migraines I had had my whole life. I literally felt toxic and I guess I was.


I am feeling FABULOUS! I honestly feel the best I have in a very long time. I have noticed the biggest difference in my mood, my energy and overall well-being. I am seriously so amazed at how much better I feel in a short amount of time. Your program has truly been such a blessing to my life. I am so excited to continue and see where I am at the end of our time together. I am absolutely loving the information and getting a snapshot of what’s going on inside my body. Just really loving the whole program so much!

Corey H

I have worked with many functional medicine practitioners over the years trying to get to the root cause of my hormonal imbalance and autoimmune issues. Tara's knowledge of hormones and nutrition combined helped me to lower my thyroid antibodies and lose about 7 lbs along the way. That may not sound like much, but this weight would not budge at all. If you're stuck and frustrated I highly recommend working with Tara. I have continued to follow her guidelines for the last year and feel great. No more midday crash, very close to my ideal weight and I'm still living life. I wish she could be my personal doctor


I want to take a moment and thank Tara for starting this program for women like us. After years of hormonal/endocrine issues and being diagnosed with a pretty serious endocrine disease, your program has helped speed up my healing and help me feel better. I love your focus on gut health and healing, the importance of nutritional factors, and the role of self-esteem and loving yourself all play. Since I started my protocols and making nutritional changes - old clothes fit again, my energy is improving, and I've lost 17 lbs in 5 weeks! I can only imagine what I'll be like in the next few months. I know these are lifelong changes. So thank you. If I could teleport to the other side of the world, I'd give you the biggest hug!


I started working with you exactly a year ago and I was in pretty bad shape. I got a new GI map results last week and there were so many improvements. I was pretty blown away. It made all the Investments over the past year feel so worth it and gave me a new perspective of what's possible when you take care of yourself and stay open-minded to learning new things. I'm getting ready to start a new protocol tomorrow and I'm actually really excited! Movement in the right direction is so motivating to keep continuing on. I don't want to know where I would be today if I didn't take that leap last year. And for all you ladies here, I'm rooting for you! Our bodies are so capable of healing. So again thank you for your time, effort, and continued education to help all of us, you're both so appreciated!


I wanted to update you all on my incredible experience with Tara And this program. Some background info, I had some chronic gas and bloating for the past 5 years or so. I saw three naturopaths that doctors and spent a crazy amount of money trying to figure out what was causing it. Nothing ever worked and I was beyond frustrated. Well since working with Tara I have NO gas! I am so relieved! Also I had H pylori for several years and did three different protocols to try and get rid with no success I'm happy to report my latest GI map retest with Terror reports it gone as well. Tara has been such a precious source of info and support for me. I finally feel like I have found someone who really can help me figure out my thyroid issues as well as adrenal stuff. The road is long but I am so grateful for Terror and her team. Hanging there ladies. We are the best hands here! Good luck to you all!

Emily W

Tara has genuinely CHANGED my life…monumentally. She has improved so many things I suffer from and got me feeling the happiness and healthiest I ever have. She’s amazing. She’s incredibly, incredibly thorough. She did an extensive medical history for me, she looks at all your vitamin deficiencies, looks for hints of underlying problems. I did a really extensive survey with her and it had very specific questions about things that I wouldn’t even think were related to nutrition. She discovered issues that nutritionists in the past were incapable of finding. She’s also incredibly focused on women’s health, adrenal burnout, how tired and over-stressed and overworked we are – especially postpartum. She genuinely saved my life, as far as I’m concerned. Because she focuses on women’s health and hormones, the work she did developing a plan for me completely balanced my blood sugar, my mood, and my hormones. My skin cleared, I lost weight, I felt more energy than I’ve ever felt in my life. I stopped having cravings, I stopped getting sick, and I stopped having the feeling of overwhelm every single day at 4pm. I stopped snapping at my husband and my daughter and I started sleeping better. I think the most pivotal thing is that it was much easier for me to get pregnant the second time around after seeing her. I do believe this had to do with the changes I have made. I have PCOS. With my first it took me five years, and although there are four years between my children, a couple of those years were prep."


I started working with tear and Michelle after having major issues digesting foods, which got progressively worse over time and during the pandemic. Well I've worked with one other functional practitioner before, he only assessed blood work. The HPS runs test to determine exactly what is going on with you. The program offers a ton of content on leading a healthier lifestyle that works for you with lots of options because everyone is different! I've completely changed the way I eat the products I use in my body and how I think. Although I have some ways to go in order to heal 100%, I am feeling 95% better after I eat, I am sleeping incredibly well in the past I was waking up at 3:00 a.m. every night with anxiety and I am not stressing about things I cannot control anymore. You definitely have to do the work and it's not easy, but 100% worth it. I would highly recommend joining the HBS.


I feel the need to share. Simply doing a GI map and working with Tara quite literally could have saved my life. After some all cult blood came back on my test, Tara told me I needed to get that checked up by my doctor, so I went for a colonoscopy last month. They found some internal hemorrhoids, which was likely the cause of the blood, but they also found a polyp. It's the type that can turn into cancer, so I need to go back every 5 years for a colonoscopy. I wasn't due to have a colonoscopy until 17 years from now. Imagine how the polyp could have grown and how many more could have popped up in 17 years! Again for other lost Rancher and 60s so it makes me so grateful that I did the GI map and was working with some attentive and can now be proactive instead of reactive bracket like most of healthcare is these days). If some days you feel like giving up and wonder if the time and effort and money is worth it keep going! You never know how the work you're doing in this group is going to not only change your life but maybe even save it for the future!

The Hormone Balance Solution Quick-Start packages are now available for a limited time!

Undo the summer wines, nachos and ice creams or winter comfort food binges and hit the reset button on your health - just in time for the holidays!

The Hormone Balance Solution Quick Start packages are designed for women who haven’t got time to waste guessing what to do about their symptoms anymore and who want to cut through the online chatter for quick yet effective strategies to drop the bloat, lose the weight, improve libido, calm moods, eliminate PMS, improve skin, regain energy and so much more. 

Complete with all the resources you need for success, as well as private messaging support, these packages give you access to Tara’s and Michelle’s 20+ years of knowledge and experience that has worked time and time again for their clients.

Make no mistake, improving your health improves every single aspect of your life.

Learning Modules

The Hormone Balance

Solution Quick Start

Module 1: Diet & Nutrition

This module covers diet in detail. We answer your questions about sweeteners, gluten, dairy, coffee, macros, alcohol, functional foods and so much more so you’re never left confused or paralyzed by information overwhelm about what you’re supposed to eat to optimize your health and hormones long-term.

Module 2: Stress Reduction

This module focuses on stress reduction and nervous system regulation to reduce feelings of burnout, overwhelm, anxiety, sleep issues, and more. You'll never balance your hormones without balancing your nervous system!

Module 3: Sleep Hygiene

This module focuses on sleep and sleep hygiene. It’s not just the amount of sleep you get but also how deeply and well you sleep. This module covers everything you need to know about circadian rhythms, healthy sleep habits, supplements for sleep and more, to get you catching all the Z’s.

Module 4: Healthy Movement

In this module we cover healthy movement because as we age we must maintain our movement - but not too much! Healthy movement and the right type of movement for middle-aged women is key.

Module 5: Detox Support

In module five we cover everything you need to know about supporting your detox pathways on a daily basis. In this modern-day era this has become more important for hormonal health than ever before.

Bonus Resources

We’re also giving our HBSQS ladies bonuses including The Hormone Balance Solution Oral Health Guide and The Hormone Balance Solution Protein Guide.

We are giving you a FREE month on us! Instead of three months inside the HBSQS you get four months with Michelle and I, including all our support and guidance, to really give you enough time to implement the strategies we teach and gain freedom from feeling like crap.

Private messaging with Michelle and Tara, all the HBSQS modules, bonus guides, as well as your protocols and test results are now available inside an app that you can take with you on the go so we are always with you when you need us!

The Hormone Balance Quick Start Packages

Package 1

GI MAP & HTMA package

1 x Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

1 x GI MAP (stool test)

1 x 45-60 min private 1:1 consultation

1 x 30 private one on one consultation

Private messaging support

Custom supplement protocol(s)

A video of your test results

Professional supplements

5 learning Modules

Four months with Michelle and Tara

Everything included in an app

BONUS: The Hormone Balance Solution Oral Health and Protein Guides


Between March 11th and March 20th


Between March 21st and March 29th

Package 2

GI MAP only package

1 x GI MAP (stool test)

1 x 45 min private one on one consultation

1 x 30 private one on one consultation

Private messaging support

Custom supplement protocol(s)

A video of your test results

Professional supplements

5 learning modules

Four months with Michelle and Tara

Everything included in an app

BONUS: The Hormone Balance Solution Oral Health and Protein Guides


Between March 11th and March 20th


Between March 21st and March 29th

What do you get when you join?

1x GI MAP stool test

Getting to the root cause of your symptoms (the gut ALWAYS has something to do with it - yes, even if you don’t have gut symptoms!).

2 private one-on-one consultations

Tara or her team practitioner, Michelle, so we can dive deep into your case and talk with you to understand exactly what’s driving your symptoms and how we can tailor our approach to help you feel better.

Custom supplement protocol(s)

Based on your test(s) results and an intake form you’ll fill out - so you’re no longer left guessing which supplements you should take and throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

A video of your test results, explaining your results in detail

How they relate to your case, answering all your questions, and that is yours to keep forever and refer back to. Explaining your results and how they relate to your case.

Access to professional-grade and practitioner-only supplements

With discounts where available.

Private messaging support with Tara and Michelle

Support from Tara and Michelle inside our private and secure online HBSQS portal.

5 modules in our private and secure HBSQS portal,

Outlining all the necessary foundations of hormonal health that must be in place if you want to kick your symptoms and improve your health now and into the future.

Everything included in an app

You can download to your phone, including private messaging support! Take us with you wherever you go!

Optional: HTMA mineral and heavy metals test

Getting to the root cause of your symptoms (the gut ALWAYS has something to do with it - yes, even if you don’t have gut symptoms!).

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm vegan/vegetarian - is this program right for me?

I haven’t tailored this program specifically for vegetarians or vegans. In my experience, many women do well when they incorporate animal protein in their diet, especially when it comes to hormone balancing. Vegetarians and vegans – you are of course welcome to join. I fully respect your choices, however, please know we believe animal protein is an important part of a healthy diet..

Do I have to purchase supplements?

We do recommend supplements for you after you’ve completed your testing (that’s kinda the point of testing!). It’s hard to make shifts in your health by diet alone. Cost of supplements depends on what health issues we have to work on and what your test results show. Please be prepared to make an investment in supplements. We do give you discounts wherever we can, but also know this: we will give you the best case scenario of supplements we suggest you take but we can also prioritize them for you so you can pick and choose if budget is a concern. We will always do our best to limit the cost where we can. Nutraceutical support however, is a crucial part of your healing. We lay out exactly what we suggest including dose, brand, and where to purchase from. You're free to purchase whatever you want, (all or none or just some) and from wherever you like.

Can I do The HBSQS if I don’t live in Australia?

Yes! These packages are 100% online making them accessible to more women who need our help. However, the packages are limited to those who are in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, the UK and some parts of Europe (please reach out to ask if we can work with you if you live in Europe). Tara is located in Australia, Michelle is located in the UK, and Tara has team members in Canada! We are a worldwide company. 

What’s your refund policy?

Refund requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed.

Now is your chance! 

When you choose NOT to join us inside the HBSQS packages, the choice you’re making is to stay stuck. The choice you’re making is to stay in the place you’re currently in, spinning your wheels and throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. You’re choosing to not get answers or take the opportunity to feel better. 

You’re choosing to wake up still feeling like crap. Still feeling down about your body, your moods, your aches and pains. Still feeling confused - maybe even a little scared - about what’s happening to your cycles, your thinning hair, the desert that’s taken up residence in your vagina. 

But by joining us in the HBSQS you can instead wake up feeling hopeful. Feeling inspired. Feeling excited for your future because you now have a plan and proven strategies that you know will support both your physical and mental health. 

This one moment can be when everything shifts for you for the better. Now is your chance. 

This one moment can be when everything shifts for you for the better.

Now is your chance. 

One of my favourite quotes is: "Leap and the net will appear."

If you dive in and commit to this, we WILL catch you. We will guide you, support you, cheer you on, and give you loving butt kicks -

But you’ve got to dive in and make the decision that things will change for you starting today..


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