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The Hormone Balance Solution

The Hormone Balance Solution is a 6-month comprehensive hormonal health program for busy women in their 40’s who want to get solid answers to their hormonal health issues once and for all so they can kick the weight gain, moodiness, gut problems, skin issues, period problems, fatigue, overwhelm, insomnia, hair/eyebrow loss, and other symptoms in order to get back to the woman they once were.

Included in this program package:

     •  1 x Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test

     •  1 x GI Map stool test

     •  1 x 45 min intake consultation that will be done with Tara or another team practitioner

     •  3 x 30-minute individual coaching session with Tara or another team practitioner

     •  Weekly group coaching calls with Tara and her team practitioner, Michelle

     •  Access to the private HBS Facebook support community where you have direct access to Tara and her team 

     •  Access to the HBS Member's program portal which houses all of the resources, videos and important links

     •  Weekly coaching calls with Tara and Michelle

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REFUND POLICY: Our policy is that no refunds will be given once you have paid for The HBS - in full OR the deposit - since as soon as you have paid, you get access to the program.

What our HBS members are saying...

“I am feeling FABULOUS! I honestly feel the best I have in a very long time. I started the Vykon right when it came in, I have noticed the biggest difference in my mood, my energy and overall well-being since taking it. I am seriously so amazed at how much better I feel in a short amount of time. Your program has truly been such a blessing to my life. I am so excited to continue and see where I am at the end of the 16 weeks. I am absolutely loving the information and getting a snapshot of what’s going on inside my body. Just really loving the whole program so much!”
“My anxiety is almost gone. I can speak in public again. My fatigue is substantially better. My patience with my children and husband is unbelievably better. My hair is barely coming in grey anymore, and I have all new hair growth! I can swallow pills again without gagging. No more panic attacks. I feel like my thyroid has improved. My perimenopause symptoms have improved. Pain in my legs has improved. My husband tells people how I am back to my old self. I feel like I am better than my old self! You all have been a blessing. Thank you!!”
“I have a quick update for you! I'm doing really well this is by far the best I have felt in years. Energy is up a lot, I can feel my brain fog is lifting, my mood is so much better (this is big for me). I am also having a daily BM – sometimes more than one! My most recent cycle was the easiest I have had in years. It was shorter, less painful and I didn't fall into the dark depression. Less breast tenderness and very little swelling (normally I swell a lot). I had a very stressful week last week and handled better than I normally would. I'm very excited about the positive changes.”

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